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Probate Law
Watertown, Connecticut, Probate Attorneys
Estate Administration • Conservatorships • Will Contests

The Litchfield County law firm of Slavin, Stauffacher & Scott, L.L.C., provides compassionate representation in probate administration, helping family members through a difficult time in settling the estate of a loved one.
With offices in Watertown and Woodbury, we can appear in all of the Probate Courts in Connecticut and handle probate law issues, including estate administration, conservatorships, legal guardianships for mentally handicapped persons, adoptions and probate litigation. Our compassionate probate attorneys will walk you through all of the steps of estate administration to settle the affairs in shortest time frame with the least inconvenience.

Probate Administration
We assist the executor or executrix who is named in the will in handling the affairs of the friend or family member who died (or if there is no will, the administrator appointed by the probate court). The process can be overwhelming, and we do our best to ease the burden on our clients and help them complete the administration tasks:
   Discovery of assets and distribution to heirs
   Paying debts and taxes of the estate
   ubmitting documentation to the court
Probating a will in Connecticut is not as expensive as commonly believed, but our Watertown, Connecticut probate attorneys can help reduce the time and expense involved in settling an estate, with or without a will.

Probate Litigation
Our experienced trial lawyers are adept at resolving legal disputes that can tear families apart. We handle all will contests, such as challenges by those excluded from the will, claims against the estate, and questions of undue influence or the mental capacity of the testator.
Slavin, Stauffacher & Scott, L.L.C., also represent fiduciaries and beneficiaries in matters involving allegations of impropriety by the executor/administrator. We handle probate litigation at both the probate court and Superior Court levels.

Conservatorships and other Probate Issues
In a voluntary conservatorship, a person of declining health designates a conservator, who is appointed by the Probate Court after a hearing, to manage his personal and financial affairs. (This declaration can be revoked.) In an involuntary conservatorship, family members petition the Probate Court to appoint a conservator if they feel the person can no longer make decisions. The Probate Court’s decision will follow a hearing at which medical evidence is submitted and considered and the proponent of the appointment and the prospective ward are fully represented. We have represented proponents of a conservatorship, opponents, and prospective wards in these emotional proceedings, promoting our clients' interests while striving to maintain peace in the family.
We handle all Probate Court issues, including formalization of adoptions and name changes.